Happy March!!! Who is excited for Spring? I know I sure am. Although, we have had hardly any snow fall tis year it has been really cold. I am so ready for warmer weather:)


I am also super excited to kick off March by announcing Younqiue’s new Spring release. I am particularly excited about this release because of the new Body Line. I am pretty sure we will be seeing a lot more amazing products added to this new line. Maybe body wash?! Lotions? As a matter of fact, there is buzz around the Youqniue community, that you will eventually, be able to replace, all beauty products in your bathroom with Younique. I am so excited to see what is coming next, and look forward to all the growth. For this month here is what we have-


We saw the Younique Liquid Precision Eyeliner for the first time back in December. At that time It was offered as an exclusive for our customer kudos. Well, it  was so popular and loved, that Younqiue decided to give it a permanent home, with our other eye products. Liquid Precision Liner has a beautiful matte finish, and a rich color pay off. The Precision tip provides a smooth, and even application. No more wiggly lines! Go subtle, or create an extreme wing eye look.

Fabulous Features
Smudge Proof
Transfer Proof
Long Lasting

Available in Five Colors
Proper-Dark Brown
Powerful-Charcoal Grey






Named after five of Melanie Huscroft’s favorite desserts, I introduce you to Lip Bonbons. A tinted moisturizing lip balm. How fun are these moisturizing tinted lip balms! They have a subtle tint of color, for those days when you just want a little pop of color on your lips. These babies are so smooth, and creamy, in other words, they glide on like butter! Lip Bonbons have a beautiful  shiny finish, and leave your lips feeling soft. I see these making one of my future Friday Favorite’s post for sure!

Fabulous Features
Contains five moisturizing oils
Infused with sunflower seed, jojoba, prickly pear, coconut oil and peach, pomegranate, and goji berry fruit extracts
Enriched with Vitamin E and Z

Available in Five Colors
Chocolate Truffle-Coral
Red Velvet Cake-Berry
Cherry Cobbler-Red/Cherry
Raspberry Cheesecake-Pink
Vanilla Milkshake-Nude

Here is the part where I get really excited and tell you why I love Younique so much.  They listen to what we want, and they deliver! We wanted a line of self tanning products that would give us a natural tan, all year round, without the harmful effects of the UV Rays!  Most importantly we wanted one that really works, and does not leave us looking orange and streaky. Younique answered us big time and added three self tanning products to their brand new body line. No more steaks, or orange skin with these Beachfront Self Tanners!

Beachfron Body Bronzer


This is for those of you who want an instant tan. The tinted lotion last all day, and washes off in the evening. It provides an amazing, healthy bronzed look, and even out your skin tone. Talk about a quick and easy tan!

Fabulous Features
Contains coconut oil
Infused with green tea extract
Vitamin E enriched

Available in Three Colors
Sunset-For fair toned skin
Hermosa-For medium toned skin
Malibu-For dark toned skin




self tanning body lotion


Beachfront Body Self Tanning Body Lotion  gives you a glowing tan that is buildable. In order to get just the right amount of color you want, apply it daily. Once your desired look is achieved you will be left with a beautiful, healthy, sun-kissed glow that last for days.

Fabulous Features
Contains coconut oil
Infused with green tree extract
Fortified with vitamin E
Enriched with shea butter










The Beachfront Self Tanning Spray is easy to use, and gradually builds a natural bronzed, sun kissed look. Spray daily in order to slowly increase your color. Once your desired color is reached, your bronzed, sun kissed tan will last for days.

Fabulous Features
Contains cocunut oil
Infused with green tea extract
Fortified with vitamin E










Get a streak free, flawless tan with the Beach Body Applicator. The sponge like applicator easily smooths self-tanning products onto the skin, and the tip works amazing at getting those hard to reach places. The Beachfront Body Applicator can be used with all three of our new products.









The Liquid Foundation Brush is a uniquely-designed brush with a recessed area. It allows you to adjust your liquid foundation for an even, and streak free application. Simply place your foundation into the recessed area and brush over your face. This brush will leave your skin with an amazing airbrushed, beautiful finish.









What an exciting Youinque March release. What are your must haves?  What would you like to see Youinque release next? Comment below and let me know.

If you have any questions on anything seen here, or need help with any other Younique products please contact me. I am here to help you with color matching, or any other beauty questions you may have.

Click on the products below for more information and to browse all things Younique.

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Beachfront Body Bronzer

Beachfront Self-Tanning Lotion

Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray

Beach Body Applicator

Liquid Foundation Brush