Using the correct makeup brushes is key to creating a beautiful and flawless look. However, choosing the correct makeup brushes can be confusing. If you have ever walked into your local department store’s makeup department, you know what I am talking about.



Yikes, so many to choose from, and they all do different things. To make some sense of it all, I broke down the list into the essentials. It includes all the basic makeup brushes that every women should have in order to achieve the best results from their make-up.



Cream Shadow Brush-The Younique Cream Shadow Brush is perfect for all your eyeshadow needs. The bristles are flat, tapered, and tight, which allows for precise application and packing on pigment across the eyelid. The brush works great with cream shadows too, as it allows for creaseless application.





brushcrease2Crease Brush-The loose bristles and dome shape of the Younique Crease Brush makes it perfect for contouring the crease and corners of the eyes. This makeup also creates bold definition, and works great for smudging shadow into the lash line to create a smoky effect.






brushconcealer2Concealer BrushThe Younique Concealer Brush has tightly packed bristles, and a tapered design for spot application. This design allows for smooth, even blending of concealer.







Deluxe Eye Brush The Younique Deluxe Eye Brush is a large eyeshadow brush with fluffy, loose, bristles. This makeup brush allows you to sweep shadow across the eyelid, and blend color. The loose bristles keep the color where it belongs, while creating the desired blended look.brushdeuxe2










Liner/Shader Brush-The Youniqe Liner/Shader Brush has flat and angled bristles on one end, and dense, cropped bristles on the other. The stiff bristles of the liner end allows you to create thin or thick lines with eyeshadow or cream liners. This makeup brush also works excellent for creating a smoky eye, a smudgy eye, or a wing effect. You can also turn any eyeshadow into a liner by wetting the liner brush first, and then dipping into your shadow. The design of the shader brush end allows you to blend out eyeshadow lines for layered, and smoky looks. This makeup brush does an amazing job of blending your shadows, after you have packed them on. You can also use it to smudge your eyeliner to give your smoky eye an even more sexy look.



Blusher Brush-The Younique Blusher Brush is soft and angled. It has an oval surface that is perfect for contouring your cheekbones. It allows for easy and beautiful application of highlighter above or below your cheekbones. It also acts as the perfect brush when applying blush to the apples of your cheekbones.









Foundation Brush-The Younique Foundation Brush has densely packed bristles that allows you to pick up and apply your foundation evenly. It works perfect with any liquid, cream or powder foundation. The domed top and round shape of this makeup brush makes it effortless to create an airbrushed look to your foundation.




Powder Puff Brush-The Younique Powder Puff brush has big, fluffy, loose bristles that are perfect for applying pressed or loose power. The dome shape and the loose bristles work beautifully to blend, and feather out edges evenly. While this makeup brush is relatively big, it’s still precise, and allows you to build coverage on specific areas, such as the apples of your cheekbones, and not all over you face.








brushlashcomb2Lash Comb/Brow Brush-The Lash Comb and Brow Brush is firm and angled. The brush side works great to fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows with powder or liner. It also allows you to blend out your eyebrow pencils. The comb side is perfect for tidying up and shaping your eyebrows.





Blending Buds– Beauty Buds are not makeup brushes, but I had to add it on the essentials list. It’s an amazing tool for applying foundation. The egg shape makes if perfect for applying foundation in areas that may be missed with a bigger foundation brush. It is particularly useful for applying foundation under and around the eyes, and on the side of your nose. The Beauty Buds can also be used on the entire face to achieve a beautiful airbrushed finish.There you have it! The list of makeup brush essentials that will take your makeup from looking good to great. You will wonder how you ever did without them!










There you have it! The list of makeup brush essentials that will take your makeup from looking good to great. You will wonder how you ever did without them!

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