As a follow up to my Transformation Tuesday photo I shared on Facebook and Instagram, I thought I would take some time today, and give you a little bit more of a look into my weight loss journey.  I also wanted to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support and encouragement you gave me. I was so touched by all the comments, e-mails, and PM’s. On that note, I am still working on answering them all. When I posted the picture, both my daughters were on Spring Break, so it was really busy around here. I have read them all, and I hope to have them all answered by the beginning of next week. So if you have not heard from me yet, you will. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, I wanted to answer the top two question, regarding my weight loss journey, and let you in on what will be coming to Day Dreamer.

beforedatedTwo years ago, I found myself in bad shape, really bad shape. I still find it very hard to look at the before photo. It is a reminder of how close to death I was.  I was dangerously overweight, and my body mass index fell into the obese category. Tipping the scales at 235lbs, I was the heaviest I had ever weighed. I found myself with high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I was suffering from frequent migraines. I was in chronic pain. My hair was falling out. I had trouble sleeping. My stomach hurt. I was severely depressed, and suffered from anxiety. I was exhausted. I had lost hope, and was not enjoying life.


This picture was taken right after my favorite group class Sh’Bam. I love this class, and it played a role in keeping me very motivated throughout my fitness journey.

I can’t possibly give you all the details in one post about what led up to the health crisis I found myself in, or how I got out of it, so for now we will fast forward to today, and save all that other stuff for future posts. Fast forwarding….two years later….I am healthy and happy! I no longer have any of the health conditions I listed above. My body mass index falls into the fit category, and I have dropped 100lbs. I feel confident saying that at 41, I am the healthiest I have ever been. I’m fulfilled! Physically, mentally, and spiritually.


What diet did you do?

I have tried every diet under the sun. They never worked for me. Anytime I did some sort of “diet” I was never able to reach a healthy BMI, I saw little, if any, health improvement, and overall I did not feel good. Not to mention, I would immediately start to gain the weight back when I began the calorie increase process. With each failed attempt, I was left feeling frustrated, and mentally drained. After all, it wasn’t like, I wasn’t trying. This time around I did things very differently. Instead of a diet, I made lifestyle changes, that would feed my mind, body, and soul.


It took you two years??!!! Why did it take so long??

Yes, it took me two years. Why? Because anything else would have been completely unhealthy. I had dropped weight, in short periods of time before, and had unsatisfactory results.  In order to lose weight, in a healthy way, you should lose an average of 1-2 lbs a week. Remember this is about becoming the healthiest person possible, mind, body, and soul, not about instant gratification. Don’t let the time it will take scare you. It goes by very quickly, and you’ll be surprised how fast you start to see results.

In my next post, I look forward to sharing with you the two lifestyle changes I made that saved my life. In the near future, I will also be filling the health and fitness section of Day Dreamer with healthy recipes, exercising routines, and encouragement.  Getting healthy is a commitment. It takes time, and patience. There is no easy fix, and I know how lonely it can be. It is my hope that through sharing my journey, and what FINALLY worked for me, you will not feel alone, and you can begin to live a happier, healthier life too. You are worth it!


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