Hello all and Happy Spring. I am excited to share some of my favorite Spring Nail Designs and trends with you for 2017. The spring/summer 2017 colors are gorgeous. You will see lots of pastels, neutrals, and bolds this season. The common square shape that we have seen for years is still around, however the almond and stiletto shape from the 60’s and 70’s have made a come back, and are becoming increasingly popular. I myself, am a square nail girl, and when the stiletto shape nails first started to show up I was like no way. But, these days, I am considering taking the stiletto nail plunge. Why not, right?


Multi colored, striped pastel, with gold stripe accent nails from Fenzyme

Speckled Robin Egg Nails from Pinterest

Pink and Teal french manicure from Luxury Activist

Multi colored pastel with gold striped nails from @missjenfabulous

Pink bow nails from Society 19

Pastel powder blue matte nails from Pinterest

Bold purple with a spring floral accent nails from sensationails4u

Pastel french manicure from Pinterest

 Grey and Pink with sparkle nails from DIY Crafts

Nude ombre nails from @thenailtrail

Multi colored bunny nails from sensationails4u

Floral and pastel french manicure from Abmelo

Pink with tulip and swirl accent nails from Best Nails

Cherry Blossom nails from Kooees

Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite spring nail designs are. I would also love to hear about what your favorite nail shape is. Thanks for stopping by and happy manicuring to you all!

These aremy favorite 2017 spring/summer nail collections. 🙂

Kandee Johnson Sinful Colors 2017 Spring/Summer Collection

Essie 2017 Spring/Summer Collection


OPI Fiji 2017 Spring/Summer Collection

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