In just a few short days, all of us will say good bye to our Elf On The Shelf. It seems like only yesterday they arrived, and now it is time for them to leave!

I think it is safe to say that we all have had a great time with our Elves. We may have even grown to love our little mischievous friends, and don’t want to say good bye. I thought I would share with you some fun tips and tricks to help you and your family with the departure.

1. Plan a Christmas Eve Morning goodbye breakfast. We did this last year and Emily loved it. I kept simple with bagels and donuts, and spruced up the table with paper holiday plates and napkins. Sparkle ate with us, and we talked about how much fun we all had together, highlighting some our favorite moments of the season

2. Write a goodbye letter (example at the end of the post)

3. Lift the magic. Sparkle lifts her magic on Christmas Eve, and Emily is allowed to play with her for the day. Before she goes to bed, she gives her a hug and kiss goodbye, and sits her next to Santa’s milk and cookies. Sparkles waits there until Santa arrives, and then hops in his sled and they head back to the North Pole.

4. Create a photo album. Sparkle created one for Emily, and filled it with pictures of her favorite moments while she was with us.

5. Have your Elf make guest appearances throughout the year. Sparkle showed up for Emily’s Birthday last June, and again in August to accompany us on summer vacation.

6. Pen Paling. Sparkle has a special elf e-mail address that she uses to communicate with Emily.  She likes to point out all the wonderful things Emily is doing, and assures her she is watching.

7. Wrap it up with Popcorn and a Movie. Before heading to bed, and Emily says her final goodbye, we watch a Christmas Movie, Sparkles choice, and eat popcorn.

Goodbye letter from Sparkle:

Dear Hedderick Family:

Well, tonight is the night! Santa will arrive to drop off the gifts, and I will hop into his sled and head back to the North Pole. I have had so much fun spending the holiday season with you all. You sure know how to have fun. 

Emily I hope you like the album I made for you. I included photos of my favorite tricks, and some of the favorite moments, we shared together this holiday season. I also have another special treat for you today. Since you have been such a good girl, I spoke with Santa, and he has agreed to lift my magic for today. Just like last year, we get to play together today.

Amanda and Ashley, I am sorry we did not get to spend too much time together. You teenagers sure do lead a busy life. Mom, and Dad, thanks for allowing me to visit you again. It has been a wild ride, I seriously don’t know how you do it all. 

See you all soon! 



PS. If you are planning a farewell movie for me tonight, I would love to see A Christmas Story! Maybe you can add some smores in with the popcorn this year. 

P.S.S Good luck in college Amanda! Don’t be surprised if I stop in for a visit. 

I hope this helps with saying goodbye to your elf. I would love to hear if you do anything special, or if you use one of these ideas!

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