Hello and happy June. I hope you are all doing amazing. Below are the June journal prompts to help you get started writing.

  1. Welcome June-list your plans, goals
  2. Morning routine
  3. A year from now my life looks like
  4. My happy place
  5. What is one healthy habit change you have made in the past? List all the things you did to create the new habit
  6. Write a letter of encouragement to yourself
  7. Write about a superpower you wish you had. How would it change your life?
  8. I think most clearly when
  9. Fill your page with inspirational quotes
  10. List all the things you would do to create a perfect day
  11. How do you connect spiritually?
  12. If you could spend the day with a fictional character who would it be and what would you do? Why do you choose this character?
  13. When I find myself uncomfortable how do I handle it? Do I find healthy ways to calm myself?
  14. Happy Flag Day! What does your flag mean to you?
  15. Go for a walk. Write down what you see, hear, smell, and feel. Be detailed
  16. If you had the opportunity to meet one person in the world who would it be? List five questions you would ask the person
  17. Write about your favorite word. What makes it special to you?
  18. Father Day-What does Fathers Day mean to you? When you think of you father what do you feel physically, and emotionally. Write about special memories
  19. Write about a time when things seemed impossible
  20. Find a picture that catches your eye and glue it down in your journal. Write about how it makes you feel, and what made you choose it?
  21. Welcome Summer! How does summer make you feel? Do you like this season? If you have children how do you manage them being home all summer? What are your plans? Goals? Any special or new places you would live to visit?
  22. If you could change anything in your life right now what would it be?  Create a list of steps you can take to start to create the change you want to see
  23. When I grow up I want to
  24. Collage a page with pictures of your favorite summer clothing, vacation spots, foods, drinks, flowers etc
  25. List your favorite summertime songs
  26. Write about the best restaurant you have ever eaten in
  27. What aspects of your life feel like a work of art
  28. I come from
  29. List everything that you are grateful for this month
  30. Sum up your month by writing a poem

If you are looking for some fun summer journaling prompts check this post out. Have a great month, and keep journaling my friends!