floridaAfter a really cold, snowy, long winter, I, like so many others, was really looking forward to Spring. As soon as March arrived, I began the countdown, and marked off the days on my calendar. Yes, I was ready to uncouple with Winter.

As expected, March 20 arrived, and It was officially Spring. However, Mother Nature was not having it. Instead of sunshine, and blooming flowers, it was freezing and there was a foot of snow on the ground.  The weather forecast offered no hope, as more snow and cold weather was expected. People here in the North East were starting to get a little nutty, myself included, from being cooped up for so long. Heck, even the snowman were looking to relocate!


My own loss of patience, particularly with my five-year old, in this situation, had me reflecting. I had yelled at her on several occasions, for being rambunctious at home, and for not being able to sit still in class. Clearly I had lost my patience, and I was not taking her feelings into consideration. 

My Journal entry regarding my behavior addressed how horrible I felt. I was so angry with myself for losing my patience with her. I knew that I was feeling crummy too, and I should have understood that she was feeling the same, if not worse. After all she is only five. What was I thinking? Why did I lose my patience? I wanted to do better. Be better prepared for next time. I needed to do some re-evaluation. 

Which brings me to our focus word and Journaling Prompts for this week. Patience. It is certainly a very important aspect in our lives, and when you really think about it, almost everything we do requires patience. Recognizing how patience plays a role in our everyday lives can only improve it.  As you begin to Journal about patience in your life consider the Journaling Prompts below

-What does patience mean to me?

-When I am practicing patience in my daily life I feel

-Are there areas in my life where I could practice more patience? What would be some of the benefits?

-When I lose my patience the emotions I am feeling are

-Do I become impatient because I am trying to change something that is out of my control?

-Have I been patient long enough? Do I need to take action for a change to occur? What are the actions?

-What actions can I take to prevent myself from losing my patience?

-Do I lose patience with myself? When? 

Just like anything else in our lives patience takes practice, and time. The more you practice the easier it will become. It is all part of our personal growth.

Happy Journaling!