The beaches are hopping, parks are filled with children, the peaches are sweet and juicy, and of course, the sun is warm. I hope you are all enjoying every moment of this wonderful season, Summer! I can’t get enough of it all, summer just has a way of making me beyond happy.

Since summer is in full swing, I thought it would be the perfect time to get creative in our Journals. I hope the Summer Journaling Prompts below will help you create new summer memories, relive old ones, and above all, make it your best summer.

  1. Good Eats-What foods do you particularly enjoy eating during the summer months? Do you have a favorite restaurant you enjoy visiting during the summer? Are there any special foods or desserts you enjoy cooking in the summertime?

  2. Summer Dream Vacation-Create a journal page about your dream vacation. Why do you choose this destination over any other place in the world? What do you love about the destination? List all the things you would want to do and see. Would you bring family/friends, or would you go solo? Why?

  3. Summer Scents and Smells-What summer scents and smells do you love? Are there any particular scent of perfumes, soaps, or candles you prefer in the summer? Create a list of how you incorporate your favorite scents and smells into your summer days.

  4. Summer Activities-Journal about five activities you would like to do before summer ends. What needs to be done so you can actually do them?

  5. Summer Hot Spots-List the local summer hot spots in your area. What are your favorites?

  6. Do you prefer visiting the ocean, a lake, or a pool, to cool off during the summer? Why is it your preference?

  7. Ice Cream: Do you have a favorite Ice Cream Shop you enjoy visiting in the summer? What are some of your favorite ice cream flavors?

  8. Summer Garden-What is growing in your garden this summer? Do you have any special decorations in your garden? Why do you love gardening?

  9. Don’t have a Summer Garden? Create a journal page about your dream garden. What kind of food would you grow? What kind of garden decorations would you have? Browse Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

  10. List some of your favorite summer quotes. Why are they special to you?

  11. Summer Childhood Memories-What were some of your favorite summer activities when you were a child? Did you have a favorite vacation spot? Journal about one of your favorite summer childhood memories.

  12. Summer Vacation-Where did you go? What did you see? Did you try any new foods, or activities during your summer vacation? Did you have one particular activity or event that you enjoyed over the other ones?

  13. Summer So Far-Using who, what, when, and where, create a simple time line of your summer so far.

  14. Summer Trends-Create a journal page about current summer trends such as fashion, colors, music, movies etc.

  15. Summer Reading List-What books are you reading this summer? Create a page inspired by one of your favorite characters, or quotes.

  16. My Perfect Summer Day: Create a journal page about your perfect summer day. Where would you go, and what would you do? Are you with someone or alone? What do you bring with you?

  17. Summer Music-What kind of music or songs put you in the summer spirit? What are some of your current favorite summer songs? Are there any summer music festivals or concerts you attend?

  18. Summer Road Trips: Do you like to plan your road trips or do you prefer just getting in the car and driving? What makes a road trip fun? What do  you enjoy seeing?

19.Gratitude List: What things are you thankful for this summer?

  1. Summer Style- What are you wearing this summer? Do you prefer shorts, or capris? Tank tops or T-shirts? Maybe both. What accessories are you wearing? Did you change your hair style or hair color for summer? Have you tried any new make-up looks for summertime? Do you have any favorite color nail polishes? If you could splurge and put together an entire summer outfit, what would it look like?

Do you have any Summer Journaling Prompt ideas? I would love to hear them!