Hello May, and hello journaling fiends. I hope you are all enjoying your spring. We certainly had enough rain in April to help blossom beautiful May flowers.

It is such a pretty time of year! The gorgeous weather, birds singing, and the colorful blossoms are so inspiring. This is the perfect time of year to grab your journal, pens, and head outside to write. Below are the May journaling prompts to help inspire you along your journaling journey. Enjoy!

  1. Welcome May-list your plans, and goals. Create a to-do list
  2. Make your own magic
  3. I want to do more of
  4. Introvert, extrovert, or both
  5. List ten qualities you love about yourself
  6. Broken bones
  7. Letting go and moving forward
  8. Today was
  9. Write for five minutes without stopping. Don’t worry about what you are writing, just write.
  10. A habit I would like to break. What is one thing I can do to take a step toward breaking the habit?
  11. Right now I am facing this challenge. How am I facing this challenge? Am I embracing it?
  12. List five things that motivate you
  13. The last thing you did for fun
  14. Mother’s Day
  15. Write a seven sentence poem
  16. Photo of yourself
  17. A word or phrase that is significant to you
  18. If you were to bury a time capsule what would you put in it?
  19. List ten things you love about your significant other
  20. One area of my life that I can simplify
  21. Best day ever
  22. What is one thing different right now from a year ago that you are grateful for?
  23. forgiveness
  24. My morning
  25. A childhood event that had impact on who you are today
  26. Instead of using words, draw your day
  27. List five things you do that helps you distress
  28. Free time
  29. Memorial Day
  30. This always makes me smile
  31. Reflect on your month