Hello all. Happy March! I hope everyone enjoyed their February. Winter is almost over, and I am excited. I can’t wait till Spring, only 20 more day. The flowers, the birds, and the breeze through my  windows. I always start to feel ultra inspired this time of year. Fun times.

Here are your journaling prompts for March

  1. Hello March-List things you would like to accomplish this month, and the steps you need to take to get those things done. What fun activities would you like to do?
  2. Women’s History Month- What women have inspired you? How so?
  3. Green
  4. This inspired me today
  5. Picture from last month
  6. Quote-Write down a favorite quote. Why is it a favorite?  How do you incorporate it into your everyday life?
  7. What brings you the most joy?
  8. Collage
  9. Living in the moment
  10. Thankful for
  11. Recent dream
  12. National Nutrition Month-Are you living your healthiest life? Write about what you do that makes you feel healthy. Consider and list changes you can make that will help you feel healthier.
  13. Off the beaten path
  14. Lettering, doodling
  15. Which of your scars is most significant to you? Tell the story behind the scar, and the significance it holds.
  16. I want to, but I am afraid to….. What would happen if you tried and succeeded?
  17. St. Patrick’s Day
  18. Keep calm and…..
  19. Flowers
  20. Welcome spring
  21. New beginnings
  22. Sunshine-How do you add sunshine to your own life? Could you use a little more sunshine in your life? What could you add to bring a little more?
  23. I show gratitude by
  24. Let go-What are you holding on to that no longer serves you? What steps can you take to eliminate those things from you life? What does your life look like when you let go of those things?
  25. Creativity-Make a list of things that spark creativity in you. Are your current surroundings inspiring your creativity? What can you add to your every day life that will inspire your creativity?
  26. Spring cleaning-Create a list of things that need to be cleaned. Include things you need to throw out. If you are not sure if you should throw it out, ask yourself if it is brining you joy. If not, throw it out!
  27. Expectations-What expectations do you have of yourself? Of others? When has having expectation served you well?
  28. This is making me happy right now
  29. Compliments-What was the last compliment you received? Do you happily accept compliments?  If not write about why and do some exploring
  30. Color my world
  31. Sum up your month

If you are looking for Spring Journaling prompts check these out. If you right click on the image below you can save it to your computer, and print it out for reference. See y’all soon. Happy journaling.