I gave an overview of the Filofax Original Patent Purple when I first received it, and was just starting to get it set up. I promised you all a full review after it was all finished, and a share about how I set it up. Well, I never did finish setting it up because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. You could say I was up in the air, and was not sure if I was going to continue using my Filofax.

After having several months to play around with my Filofax, I know for sure I am disappointed. I appreciate the quality of the leather and the binder rings. I am able to fit a lot into it, and it still snaps and holds well. I also love how pretty it is. In fact, that is what drew me in to begin with. However, the quality of the actual pages is poor.


In my opinion, very poor. Here’s the thing, I use my planner a lot, and functionality is very important to me. Since I write all my work, business, family and household stuff in my Filofax, I need the pages to be just as good quality as the rest of the planner. Unfortunately, the Filofax lacks that for me. I have found the pages to be very thin. They tear and crinkle very easily, and I am constantly having to use re-enforcers to fix them. Since the paper is so thin, the ink from the pen shows through on the opposite side of the page. I find that to be a real distraction when I am planning my following week, since I can see what was written the previous week. I have seen a lot of talk about pens, and questions about which ones work best in the Filofax. In my opinion, there really is not a best pen for the Filofax. I have tried them all and have continued to have the same problem. I never encountered this problem with the pages in my Day Runner. I used all sorts of pens, including gel pens, and even stamped on the pages, and never had any show through. I know I have the option of going to an online store, or a website, to purchase or download printable inserts to replace the Filofax ones, however, I don’t feel like I should have to do that. Basically, I feel like I got half of what I paid for with the Filofax. A really good quality binder, and poorly made pages.

After a lot of consideration, and a significant amount of time spent trying to make the Filofax pages work for me, I decided to switch back to the Day Runner. I really wanted to love everything about the Filofax, and if it was not for the pages, it would be perfect for me.

Is the Filofax right for you? Possibly. Here are some things to consider 

 -what am I am using it for

-how much writing will I do

-will I be doing a lot of thumbing back and forth through the pages

-if I am not satisfied with the quality of the pages, am I willing to replace them with printable ones

Once I get all switched over to the Day Runner I will share my set up with you. I have already created my dividers, and started personalizing it a bit, so I am getting there. Do you use a planner? What is your favorite brand?

If you are interested, you can see my original Filofax overview here.

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