Hello! I hope you are all having a great week. We woke up to our first snow fall today! Not too much, just enough to cover the ground and the trees, and make it look pretty.


It totally made me get into a Christmas spirit. I went to get my nails done and I had to resist the urge to paint them all Christmasy and put snowflakes on them. 🙂 I went with some fall colors instead.

Last week I introduced you to my Filofax, and we also went over Filofax sections in this post. Today we are going over some Filofax essentials for your planner.


When I first found out about this awesome way of organizing your life, I swore I would NOT spend a ton of money to start out. I wanted to see if I really liked this system and if I was going to use it. Once I knew that for sure, I would decide what I needed to make it work for ME. Well, as you know I do love it, and can’t imagine not using my Filofax FOREVER. Here are some items that I have picked up and consider essentials…..so far

Sticky notes. I use these all the time to jot down quick notes during the day when I am in a rush. Once I get a chance to sit down with my Filofax planner, I re-write whatever the note may be in the appropriate section. They also add a fun flair to your Filofax.


I have always been very picky when it comes to pens, and am always on the search for one that will improve my messy handwriting! A few years back I came across the Signo Uni-Ball pens and they quickly became my favorite. I gave them a try in my planner and they are fabulous. I also invested in the Frixion pens. I really really like them too. My favorite feature is the eraser…I do a LOT of erasing!!! Try out different pens to see what works for you. The most important thing about your pens is they should not smear or leak through onto the opposite side of your paper.



Color coding labels and highlighters are really helpful in making the important things stand out. Plus they beautify your pages. I often use them on my to do list, and monthly calendar. I like to put a sticker or highlight things that need immediate attention.  My favorite color coding labels are the Martha Stewart Dew Drops because they are just big enough so that you can jot a note or reminder on them, and they come in fun colors. The Frixion Highlighters are AWESOME too! Great colors and no leaking through onto the opposite page.



I use paper clips and magnetic bookmarks to mark any pages that I am currently in, such as month and week. It makes it really easy to flip to that section, especially when I am in a rush, which I usually am!



We can’t forget about all the fun things to decorate with! I suggest you go through your stash to see what you have. I don’t own a lot of washi tape but I do own a lot of scrapbook paper. I like to cut down my scrapbook paper and use it as washi tape. If you want to be able to re-position your paper, like you can with the washi tape, all you have to do is use re-positional adhesive like I did for this months page.



Those are some of the items I consider essentials for now. I am sure there will be more, and of course,  you will be the first I share them with!

Thanks for hanging in with me today, I know it was a long post. Have a great day and always remember you are AWESOME!!

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