I have slacked over the past few weeks, and have not been sharing my decorated pages. I promise there is a good reason for it, and will share about it next week, in an updated Filofax review. Let’s just say I have some gripes with Filofax, and want you to hear about them.


Moving on…for now. The tail end of the winter can be difficult and can seem never ending, especially for those of us that suffer from Seasonal Effective Disorder. While, I have done a really good job at managing it this year, I am over it. We still have snow on the ground in NY, and more is expected. I am thinking that Spring is going to come later than sooner. To help lift my mood and make getting through the next few weeks a bit easier, I started to Springify (I’m certain Springify is not a real word, but I like the way it sounds, so why not) my home. I managed to get a good bit of Spring cleaning done, and replaced my wintery decorations with springy ones. The Filofax even said goodbye to winter and welcomed spring. As a matter a fact, I stumbled upon an old scrapping kit that I used for week 10, during Spring cleaning.


Adding a bit of spring has certainly helped lift my mood. I have some more cleaning to do but am well on the way. I like to get it all done before Spring actually arrives. I mean seriously, who wants to be cleaning when Spring comes? Not me.

Supplies-Week 10

Echo Park-Walk In The Park Scrapping Kit

Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly Edge Punch

Before you go, take a moment to look at my pages and leave a message letting me know whether or not you notice one of my gripes. I would also love to hear if you have a Filofax and what your thoughts are on it. Oh, and of course, let me know what you do to get through the final stretch of winter.

You can find my post about the Filofax original here.

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