Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did any of you go Black Friday shopping? I heard the crowds were not bad at all. I needed some serious down time after Thanksgiving, so I stayed home and shopped online:) It was relaxing, and was I was able to pick up some good deals.

It is that time of year when the Elf On The Shelf starts to show up in our homes. I have rounded up 25 creative Elf On The Shelf ideas that are sure to make for some magical memories.

Our Elf On The Shelf, Sparkle, made her second debut Thanksgiving morning:) We had so much fun with her last year, and I could not be happier about adding this holiday tradition.

Emily was very surprised when she opened up the fridge on Thanksgiving morning. Sparkle scored points with this one!!


Sparkle attempted to bush her teeth and made a bit of a mess



Sparkle loves Rainbow Loom



So that is what Sparkle has been up to since she arrived. We are excited to see what she will do next…


Here is a round-up of more creative Elf On The Shelf ideas


Elf Making Snowflakes

Elf Writes On Eggs

Elf Takes A Bath With Marshmallows

Elf Visits Reindeercam.com
(be sure to check out reindeercam.com it is a fun live feed of the reindeer from the North Pole. Santa also makes appearances at scheduled times throughout the day)

Elf Coloring

Elf Shoe Train

Elf Watches a Movie and Eats Popcorn

Elf TP’s The Christmas Tree

Elf Listing to iPod; Source Unknown

Elf Hiding In Silverware; Source Unknown

Elf Brings A Christmas Book

Elf Climbing For Candy; Source Unknown

Elf In Cookie Jar; Source Unknown

Elf Makes A Snowman with Shredded Ice Cubes

Elf Taking Selfies

Elf Wants To Bake Christmas Cookies

Elf Goes Through The Family Photo Album; Source Unknown

Elf Works Out

Elf Catches A Cold

Elf Goes On Strike; Source Unknown

Elf Ziplining

Elf Takes A Shower

Did your Elf On The Shelf arrive yet? What antics has he/she been up to?
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